Rice Pudding that Tastes a Bit Like Cheesecake

The cheesecake taste revolves around high fat, protein and the added zing of cheese with a slight savoury aftertaste. This rice pudding (not an actual rice pudding, which would be baked [tasting better but taking longer]) is basically a sweet congee. It's (roughly) a small can of coconut milk, a can of beans, a cup of … Continue reading Rice Pudding that Tastes a Bit Like Cheesecake


A great breakfast, like porridge made with rice. It's extremely forgiving, you can put a range of things in for taste, including savoury left overs. I especially like pea based ones and this congee was made with a frozen vegetable mix. use about one cup of precooked rice per three cups of water, boil and simmer until … Continue reading Congee