Spicy Mushroom and Hu Fried Rice

You can tell from the fact my recent post was a rice dish that I have a gigantic container of rice sitting the fridge. (Next up risotto, then rice pudding).

Hu is a kind of Japanese gluten whcih you can hydrate and use in a variety of ways.

I like throwing a couple of ingredients that will work together and experimenting with a taste. For this fried rice I added some spices including Cayene Pepper, Smoked Paprika and Cumin – just cos it’s winter. Some greens chopped up and thrown in at the final stage.

I’ve found it good to learn some basic cooking techniques for simple at-home food, and push the boundaries of known food styles as much as you like.


For example with Fried Rice, I was taught (by a girlfriend’s grandmother with Cantonese heritage – best fried rice in the world! Not very vegan though…) to first fry garlic and onion with a little salt in the oil, then add the heavier, slower to cook ingredients, followed by the rice, a little soy sauce and the lighter ingredients.

Because this dish included spices, they went in with the heavier ingredients towards the start. Of course fried rice doesn’t usually include spices, but we know from Indian cooking to give them a little fry. They kind of clung to the moist Hu and gave it some real flavour.

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