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Raspberry and Coconut Drumstick

Ooh yeah.

Gone are the days when a vegan ice cream was a winner if it didn’t taste like sunscreen. In 2020 we are spoiled for choice – even at the servo, with quality offerings from Magnum, Weis and now Drumstick with three new wafer cones.

Pic from drumstick

So far I’ve had Affogato and Raspberry Coconut and the latter is my favourite. It has a real Cherry Ripe vibe.

The cone and raspberry conserve are tasty, but it gets a 4 because the actual ice cream isn’t as nice as a few others, or as nice as is possible. It might be that it’s too processed, I’m not sure. Whatever it is it’s not too bad, I just don’t think I would enjoy eating a tub of the ice cream by itself, which is something that should be possible. If you don’t think so, try So Good’s tubs from the supermarket, or I Should Coco.

It’s still hard to knock Weis off the top position as the best flavored ice cream producer, and So Good as the best generic flavour producer, but variety is the sugar of life.

Look out for this in Coles and Woolworths, often on special as many vegan products are (go figure), and in servo freezers.

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